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Chapter 640

Effect of different forms of urea supplement in diets based on maize silage for dairy cows. 1. Starea-44 and sunflower seed oilmeal as sources of protein in feeds for dairy cows

Iliev, F.

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 15(3): 13-21


Accession: 000639320

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1. Bulgarian Brown cows in 2 groups of 6 were given a basal ration of 25 kg maize silage and 1.5 kg lucerne meal. One group were offered sunflower oilmeal and 25% of the natural protein in the ration for the experimental group was replaced by Starea-44. Cows in this group with daily milk yield over 18 kg got a mixture with 18.5% sunflower oilmeal, but with milk yield less than that, the sunflower oilmeal was replaced by wheat bran.

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