Section 1
Chapter 641

Effect of fertilizer application on the yield, protein content and amino acid composition of winter wheat

Prugar, J.

Nahrung 22(2): 163-171


Accession: 000640071

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In field trials in 1970-71 winter wheat Mironovska was given 120 or 160 kg N/ha with or without straw. Grain yields and CP contents increased from 3.23-4.18 t/ha and 11.8-12.5% without N to 4.5-4.67 t and 12.9-13.7% with 120 kg N, and 4.67-4.77 t/ha and 13.7-14.0% with 160 kg N. The high rate of N decreased the nutritive value of the grain by reducing the contents of essential amino acids.

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