Effect of seeding rate and sowing date on yield of wheat grown in the central region of Saudi Arabia

Habib, M.M.; Makki, Y.M.

Proceedings of the Third Conference on the Biological Aspects of Saudi Arabia, University of King Faisal, Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, January 24-27, 1979: 15-24


Accession: 000643594

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Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water is taking serious measures to increase both area and productivity of wheat. Sowing date is considered one of the main factors affecting yield. Experiments for this study were conducted at the College of Agriculture Experimental Station to determine the best seeding rate and the best sowing date of wheat in central region of the Kingdom. Results showed no significant differences in yield and yield components studied under the different seeding rates used. Data indicated that best yields were achieved with sowing during November 10 to the end of November. There was significant correlation between yield and some morphological characteristics studied under the different sowing dates.