Effect of soil acidity on yield and chemical composition of herbage under different soil moisture regimes

Kokorina, A.L.

Zhivotnovodstvo, tekhnologiya zagotovki i konservirovaniya kormov: 88-91


Accession: 000643810

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In pot trials in derno-podzolic acid soil in Leningrad province, soil acidity (pH 3.9-4.2) showed marked adverse effects on yields of 2 grasses in a dry yr. In 1974, a wet. yr, yields of cocksfoot and Poa pratensis without irrigation were 989 and 1012 g/m2, resp., and 1975, a very dry yr, they were decreased by 34-41%. Application of lime together with irrigation was most effective in increasing yields. The P, K and Ca contents were higher in cocksfoot than in P. pratensis.