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Chapter 645

Effect of spring and autumn seeding dates and row spacings on grain yield and yield components of corn cv. Neelum

Baktash, F.Y.; El Shamma, W.S.

8oard of Planning, Iraq Iraq, Board of Planning Summary of research papers The second scientific conference of the Scientific Research Foundation 6-11 Dec 1975: 31

Accession: 000644274

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Dent maize Neelum was sown in rows spaced (a) 50, (b) 70 or (c) 90 cm apart on specified dates in spring and autumn. Grain yields were highest with (a) in both seasons at 2.23 and 3.28 t grain/ha in spring (15 April) and autumn (15 July), resp. Number of grains/ear and 1000-grain wt. were highest with (c) in both seasons.

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