Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) , a new forage in Egypt. 1. The chemical composition of successive cuts

Shehata, O.; Abdel Malik, W.H.; Makky, A.A.; El Shabokshy, A.S.; Soliman, S.A.

Agricultural Research Review 55(6): 69-75


Accession: 000650537

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In field trials at Gemmaiza, Egypt, in 1975 the chemical composition of 4 successive cuts (when 1m high) of elephant grass was studied. DM contents were 20.00, 18.89, 18.03 and 17.38% for successive cuts. CP contents were 10.00, 11.70, 15.64 and 15.54% on a DM basis for successive cuts. CF increased with successive cuts to a max. of 29.57% DM. Ether extract, NFE, ash and OM contents were 3.16-3.50, 34.87-48.40, 12.35-16.89 and 83.11-87.65% of DM, resp. These results are compared with those for other forages.