Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) , a new forage in Egypt. 2. The digestibility and nutritive values of the successive cuts

Abdel Malik, W.H.; Swidan, F.; Makky, A.A.; Shehata, O.; Soliman, S.A.

Agricultural Research Review 55(6): 77-84


Accession: 000650538

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In trials with Friesian bull calves in 1975, the digestibility and nutritive value of 4 successive cuts of elephant grass were studied. Digestibility coefficients increased to max. values at the 3rd cut (73.58, 76.15, 68.79, 81.01 and 75.74% for DM, CP, ether extract, CF and NFE, resp. TDN values were 68.25, 64.28, 68.52 and 67.64% on a DM basis for the 4 successive cuts. Corresponding SE values were 59.07, 55.39, 57.58 and 51.02%. It was concluded that elephant grass had a higher nutritive value than other summer fodders in Egypt.