Estimation of specific resistance of oat seedlings in the glasshouse to physiologic races of crown rust (Puccinia coronata Cola var. avenae Fraser & Led.)

Mazaraki, M.

Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin 135: 71-77


ISSN/ISBN: 0373-7837
Accession: 000653740

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Of 296 cvs. tested against races 226, 228, 237 and 239 of P. coronata var. [f.sp.] avenae 29 were resistant. Lines g, h and i of Rodney were resistant to all the races. Garry X Cesky Zluty was resistant to races 237 and 239. Caravelle MGH 63 810, Purdue sel. CI 7921 and Taggart were resistant to race 226, Carstens VII and Hawkeye to 237, Avoine Blanche, Avoine d'Hiver Bl. heie and Craig to 239, and f Rodney D and k Rodney O to 228. Some differences were found in varietal reaction and in pathogenicity of the races when these results were compared with earlier ones in Poland and Czechoslovakia. The response of 296 varieties to inoculation with races 226, 228, 237 and 239 was assessed. Forms g(E), h(F) and i(H) of Rodney were strongly resistant to all these races, Garry X Cesky Zluty [Czech Yellow] showed strong resistance to 237 and 239 and in eleven other varieties strong resistance to one or another race of the four was found.