Factors affecting the outbreak of tomato virus diseases in the greenhouse. II. Relation between strains of tobacco mosaic virus and resistant genes for tobacco mosaic virus of the tomato plant, and the effect of temperature on the appearance of necrotic symptom

Hirooka, T.; Shishiyama, J.

Seibutsu Kankyo Chosetsu 14(3): 75-80


Accession: 000658200

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Of 8 varieties that were inoculated with strains OM and L of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), those that were heterozygous for the genes Tm1, Tm2 mu nu and Tm2 alpha proved immune to both strains, those heterozygous or homozygous for Tm1 only proved tolerant of both strains, while those homozygous for Tm2 mu nu only were found to be immune to TMV strain OM but susceptible to TMV strain L. Further studies of plants that are heterozygous for Tm2 alpha only showed that symptoms due to TMV strain OM appeared on these plants at 22 deg C and symptoms due to TMV strain L appeared at 17 deg C.