Fleece assessment in semifine-wooled sheep in Czechoslovakia

Horak, F.; Kutek, A.

Acta Universitatis Agriculturae, Facultas Agronomica, Brno 24(1): 149-160


Accession: 000661922

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Results of fleece assessment by a panel of 4 judges using a new assessment guide involving 11 characters are tabulated for 100 Tsigai ewes and 31 rams, and for 100 Improved Valachian (IV) ewes and 38 rams. For Tsigais, the total number of points awarded was significantly correlated with clean wool weight at 10 mth of age (0.51), whilst the correlation with fleece weight was non-significant; the correlation of the number of points awarded for wool with clean wool weight at 10 mth of age was 0.40. The correlations for IVs were not significant.