Formation of Scots pine stands resistant to Heterobasidion annosum on soils previously used for agriculture

Vasilyauskas, A.P.; Kazhemekene, B.Y.; Pimpe, R.P.

Sozdanie ustoichivykh k kornevoi gubke sosnovykh nasazhdenii na pochvakh vyshedshikh iz pod sel' skokhozyaistvennogo pol' zovaniya: 21


Accession: 000663751

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A summary of investigations in Lithuania on the microflora of the soil and rhizosphere on agricultural land, in various pine/birch [Pinus sylvestris/Betula pendula] and pine plantations established on old fields, and in old pine stands. Particular attention is paid to the antagonism of the microflora to H. annosum, and to the possibility of utilizing the allelopathic properties of broadleaved trees and shrubs to improve the resistance of pine stands to the fungus.