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Genetic diversity of the cytoplasm in Triticum and Aegilops. III. On the origin of the cytoplasm of two hexaploid Aegilops species

Tsuji, S.; Tsunewaki, K.

Japanese Journal of Genetics Idengaku Zasshi 51(3): 149-159


DOI: 10.1266/jjg.51.149
Accession: 000666830

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Six lines of Triticum aestivum 'Chinese Spring' and six of 'Jones Fife', each with cytoplasm derived from one of six Aegilops species, were compared with the normal cultivars. Cytoplasmic effects were noticed on 14 of the 18 characters examined. Plants with Ae. crassa, Ae. juvenalis and Ae. squarrosa cytoplasm were of normal or nearly normal vigour and fertility. Plants with Ae. biuncialis cytoplasm and Chinese Spring plants with Ae. umbellulata cytoplasm had reduced vigour. Those with Ae. ovata cytoplasm exhibited delayed maturation.

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