Growth rates and carcass grading of short-scrotum bulls, steers and heifers

Hopley, J.D.H.; Holness, D.H.

Rhodesia, Department of Research and Specialist Services Division of Livestock and Pastures annual report for the year ended 30th September 1977: 36-41


Accession: 000670374

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The calves used had Africander or Mashona dams and Aberdeen-Angus, Hereford or Mashona sires. For 28 calves in which the scrotum was shortened at 10 days of age (by pushing the testes into the body cavity and occluding the scrotum with 2 Elastrator rings), 28 calves castrated at 6-9 wk of age, and 28 heifer calves, body weight at slaughter (18 mth of age) averaged 365.4, 328.0 and 319.5 kg, warm carcass weight 191.0, 170.7 and 161.4 kg, dressing percentage 50.7, 50.5 and 49.0, and the number of carcasses graded A or B was 10, 1 and 0.