Section 1
Chapter 672

Heavy metal contents in soil and plants after extremely heavy applications of sewage sludge

Diez, T.; Rosopulo, A.

Landwirtschaftliche Forschung, Sonderheft 33(1): 236-248


Accession: 000671712

Sewage sludge from Munich has been applied to soils of the Grosslappen farm for 50 years. High concentrations of Zn, Cd, Cu, Cr, Pb and Hg were found in the soils after application of 400 or 700 t dry matter. Cd, Cr and Ni were more readily taken up by crops (wheat, barley, oats, maize, potatoes) than Cu, Co, Pb and Hg. Leaves and stalks generally contained much higher levels than grain of tubers.

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