Influence of different planting dates and size of planting material of pineapple cv. Smooth Cayenne in the province of La Habana (Cuba) . I. Analysis of plant growth and development

Treto, E.; Guzman, A.

Fruits 34(11): 677-686


ISSN/ISBN: 0248-1294
Accession: 000680888

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Six planting dates (August, October, December, February, April and July) and 2 pineapple slip weights (300-400 g and 600-700 g) were used in a field experiment. The best vegetative growth came from December to July plantings and the worst from plantings carried out at the end of the rainy season (August) or the start of the dry season (October). When adverse weather conditions occurred at the start of the crop cycle the larger slips subsequently recovered more rapidly than the smaller ones.