Section 1
Chapter 683

Influence of the morphological structure of tracheids on their chemical composition and the physico-mechanical properties of sulphite pulp. 1. Chemical composition of earlywood and latewood of spruce

Geles, I.S.

Khimiya Drevesiny (3): 61-64


Accession: 000682051

The carbohydrate composition of untreated and sulphite-pulped (a) earlywood and (b) latewood of spruce from the Karelian ASSR and the Sverdlovsk region (P. obovata) was analysed. In both species, (a) contained more lignin and uronic acids, less mannan and fewer methoxyl groups than (b); in P. obovata, (a) contained more resins and oils than (b). Differences between (a) and (b) were greater with increasing annual ring width.

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