Inhibition of carotenoid synthesis by fluridone and norflurazon

Bartels, P.G.; Watson, C.W.

Weed Science 26(2): 198-203


ISSN/ISBN: 0043-1745
Accession: 000683007

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Fluridone and norflurazon inhibited carotenoid synthesis in wheat cv. 'Maricopa' seedlings and caused the accumulation of colorless carotenoid precursors, phytoene and phytofluene. These data suggested that dehydrogenation reactions following phytoene formation were inhibited by the herbicides. Chlorophyll accumulated in the treated seedlings grown under 10 lux of light but was destroyed in seedlings illuminated with 16 klux of light. Seedlings illuminated with 16 klux of light lacked chloroplast ribosomes and normal ultrastructure whereas dark grown seedlings contained plastid ribosomes and had normal etioplast ultrastructure. The disruption of the chloroplasts and loss of chlorophyll was due to the absence of carotenoids in the treated plants, which would normally act to protect the chloroplasts from photodestruction. From summary.