Insecticide trials against the sorghum shoot fly, Atherigona spp. on two sorghum varieties

Baliddawa, C.W.

De Lima, C P F Advances in medical, veterinary and agricultural entomology in eastern Africa Proceedings of the 1st EA Conference on Entomology and Pest Control, December 6-10, 1976, Nairobi, Kenya: 99-101


Accession: 000683717

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In 2 field tests on 2 varieties of sorghum in Uganda in 1971, 5 insecticides were applied in granules and 9 in sprays for the control of Atherigona spp. Pirimiphos-methyl in granules at 1.0 kg toxicant/ha reduced plant germination, fenitrothion in sprays at 1.5 litres/ha was phytotoxic to Serena. At 35 days after plant germination, mecarphon in sprays at 0.1 kg/ha increased infestation significantly. At 78 days after germination, endosulfan 35% m.l. gave a significantly larger number of harvestable heads than the control. At 14 days after germination, carbofuran granules and endosulfan 35% m.l. gave significant control of Atherigona.