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Chapter 690

Lactation performance of ewes and the growth of lambs, in Awassi sheep, under two different suckling regimes

Guirgis, R.A.; Kassem, M.M.; Kazzal, N.T.; Abdallah, R.K.

Journal of Agricultural Science, UK 94(3): 607-616


DOI: 10.1017/s0021859600028604
Accession: 000689753

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Lambs from 39 Awassi ewes sucked from their dams for the first month of age, after which they were suckled continuously or restrictively. Average milk yield of ewes in the continuous system was 155.7 kg for an average lactation period of 167 days compared with 139.8 kg in 183 days for the restricted system. From the 8th week till weaning the amount of milk sucked by lambs was significantly greater with the continuous system. Average butter fat was 5.63 and 6.69% for the continuous and restricted systems, respectively. Average percentage of suckled milk was 41.6 and 31.7. Average production of commercial milk from the 9th week after lambing till the end of lactation was 45.9 and 61.7 kg, with butter fat 3.25 and 5.03 kg.

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