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Chapter 692

Light dependent incorporation of 14CO2 into protein by mesophyll protoplasts and chloroplasts isolated from Pisum sativum

Huber, S.C.; Hall, T.C.; Edwards, G.E.

Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie 85(2): 153-163


DOI: 10.1016/s0044-328x(77)80290-0
Accession: 000691601

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Mesophyll protoplasts and chloroplasts isolated from pea protoplasts incorporated 14CO2 into protein during light-dependent C assimilation. Isolated chloroplasts from young developing leaves incorporated 3H-leucine into protein in the light within 30 min while mesophyll protoplasts did not. After 1 h of 14CO2 fixation by mesophyll protoplasts, approx. 1% of the 14C assimilated was found in protein. Upon fractionation of the protoplasts about 70% of the 14C-labelled protein was found in the chloroplasts. The percentage of 14C assimilated into protein with isolated chloroplasts was 10% of that with protoplasts, even though the CO2 fixation rates were similar (50-70 mu mol/mg chlorophyll h).

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