Mid-East Transportation Study; a survey of regional transportation requirements, stage 1


Mid East Transportation Study; a survey of regional transportation requirements, stage 1: 169


Accession: 000699125

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A number of Mid-East transport projects judged as economically viable and worthy of detailed feasibility studies are identified. Criteria used in evaluating projects were the extent to which they regionalized the transport system, the extent of joint use or operation by two or more countries, the magnitude of consequent economic benefits, and the contribution to the country's economic development. Transport projects were conceptualized under two alternative assumptions: continuation of political status quo and changed conditions following peace. Findings are based solely on data available in the U.S. The report examines current transportation facilities and possible growth in Egypt, Israel, Syria, Jordon and Lebanon and discusses existing and potential trade and tourism, mineral resources, agriculture, related transport requirements, and Middle East aviation cooperation. Appendices include the original scope of work provided by AID/W, an outline of Mid-East Transport Study, description of methodology, mineral resources and transportation, trading patterns between Middle East countries, project briefs and maps, and a bibliography of data sources.