Morphological variability of acanthocephalans of the genus Neoechinorhynchus (Acanthocephala: Neoechinorhynchidae) , parasites from the Arctic Sea Province of the USSR

Skryabina, E.S.

Parazitologiya 12(6): 512-522


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-1847
Accession: 000701582

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Study of the morphology of 602 specimens of N. rutili (Muller, 1780) and N. crassus Van Cleave, 1919 collected in 10 spp. of fish [Leuciscus idus, Thymallus thymallus, T. arcticus, Coregonus articus sardinella, C. nasus, C. peled, C. lavaretus, Esox lucius, Phoxinus percnurus and P. czekanowskii] from waterbodies of the Kola Peninsula, the Ob, Yenisei, Lena, Kolyma and Chauna rivers [USSR] showed that all absolute specific characters considered (13 in .female. and 17 in .male.) have a considerable range of variations due to the modificational, individual and age variability. Some differences were between members of European and Siberian populations of N. rutili were probably due to geographic variability of the species. The most constant characters of all species studied were the length of the probscis and its hooks.