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Chapter 707

Nitrogen fertilizing in Scots pine stands and its effect on mycorrhiza formation and sporophore production of symbiotic fungi

Ritter, G.; Tolle, H.

Beitrage fur dis Forstwirtschaft 12(4): 162-166


Accession: 000706070

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Two stands (a) 35 and (b) 110 yr old on sandy brown podzolic soils in E. Germany were treated with calcium ammonium nitrate at a total rate of (a) 800-3000 and (b) 300 kg/ha of N during 1971-77. Roots, soil and foliage were sampled in 1975-77: the percentage of roots with mycorrhiza fell from 88% on untreated plots to 55% on plots treated with 3000 kg N/ha while needle N content increased from 1.5% to 3.2% and needle volume increased by 170%. In (b) the fresh wt. of mycorrhizal sporophores fell from about 12 kg/ha on untreated plots to about 7 kg/ha on fertilized plots. Changes in the species composition of both mycorrhizal and saprophytic fungi are recorded for both stands.

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