Nutrient leaching and surface runoff in field lysimeters on a cultivated soil. II. Effects of farm yard manure spread on a frozen ground and mixed in the soil on water pollution

Uhlen, G.

Meldinger fra Norges Landbrukshoegskole 57(28): 23


Accession: 000707832

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The effects of cattle manure and pig manure spread mainly in winter on snow and frozen soil, on the runoff losses of nutrients through surface and drainage water were studied over 5 years. K, Na, and Cl were almost completely leached out, and the NH4-N was lost from winter-spread manure. Losses of total-N, total S, Ca and Mg were 20 to 50%. Total-P losses were slightly higher. Nutrient losses through surface runoff varied widely, depending mainly on the amount of melting water passing through the manure. Surface runoff losses of water and nutrients from slopes of 9 or 4.5% did not differ much.