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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 711

Chapter 711 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Iyengar, A.K.; Kulkarni, P.R., 1977:
Oligosaccharide levels of processed legumes

Kobata, A.; Yamashita, K.; Tachibana, Y., 1978:
Oligosaccharides from human milk

Shivashankar, S.; Sathyanarayana, M.N.; Mathew, A.G.; Natarajan, C.P., 1978:
Oligosaccharides of cashewnut

Menzies, I.G., 1978:
Olin national maize grower of the year competition

Colmenero Carazo, J., 1977:
Olive branches as bulk fodder for dairy goats

Sheikh, M.I.; Rafiq, M., 1978:
Olive cultivation in Pakistan - a review

Anonymous, 1979:
Olive harvesting

Vlasic, A., 1977:
Olive propagation by rooting cuttings

Knowlton, A., 2013:

Lensink, B.M.; Rijpstra, A.C.; Erken, A.H.M. , 1979:
Ollulanus infections in captive Bengal tigers

Anonymous, 1979:
Oman adjusts goals to revenue outlook, places new stress on private investment

Anonymous, 1978:

Wisniewski, J., 1979:
On 'cold-crippling' in ants of the group of Formica rufa (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Noiret, A.; Graveriau, D.; Guerrier, G.; Ghipponi, J.; Pujol, M.T.; Robert, J.; Tuaillon, C.; Carron, R., 1977:
On 158 cases of mite allergy in the child. Clinical findings and therapeutic results

Chincholikar, L.N.; Shinde, G.B., 1977:
On Cephalobothrium subhapradhi sp.n. (Cestoda: Lecanicephalidae Braun, 1900) from a marine fish at Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India

Pfeiffer, H., 1979:
On Cheyletiella infestation in domestic cats

E.S.abrawy, M.N.; Imam, S.A., 1976:
On Cryptocotyle concava Creplin, 1825, a heterophyid detected in dogs in Egypt

Vekataramaiah, C.; Reddy, A.J.; Chandrasekharam, V., 1980:
On DDT-induced 'radicular proliferation' in Phaseolus mungo Linn

Sahay, U., 1977:
On Echinocashmus plateneetii n.sp. from Ganges dolphin Platenista gangeticus

Pasti, L., 1977:
On Fusarium infection of wheat seeds

Nama, H.S., 1975:
On Gendria chauhani, n.sp. from Rana cyanophlyctis

Pinto, R.M., 1978:
On Hassalstrongylus dessetae sp.n. (Nematoda, Trichostrongyloidea)

Annecke, DP.; Mynhardt, MJ., 1979:
On Metaphycus stanleyi Compere and two new species of Metaphycus Mercet from Africa (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

Rao, R., 1978:
On Narsingiella narsingi, a new genus and species of aspidoderid nematode from Bufo viridis found in Berhampur, India

Gupta, N.K.; Jain, M., 1979:
On Neoechinorhynchus cirrhinae sp.n., an acanthocephalan parasite from a fresh-water fish at Chandigarh

Itoi, S.; Nozu, M.; Sato, F.; Yamamoto, J.; Noda, C.; Uchita, T., 1978:
On Pyricularia sp. parasitic to bamboo and bamboo grass

Rohdendorf, B.B.; Verves, J.C., 1979:
On Sarcophagidae (Diptera) from Afghanistan

Gupta, N.K.; Jain, M., 1977:
On Serrasentis socialis (Leidy, 1851) Van Cleave, 1924 and discussion on synonymy of some related species with it

Singh, S.N.; Ratnamala, R., 1977:
On Shorttia thapari n.sp. (Nematoda) from Bufo melanostictus

Fabio, S.P.; Rolas, F.J.T., 1974:
On Thubunaea dactyluris

Nath, V.R., 1978:
On Trichocladium and a new species Trichocladium pavgii

Watanabe, S., 1977:
On Trichophyton rubrum var. nigricans

Shendge, S.R.; Deshmukh, P.G., 1977:
On Zeylanema ophiocephali n.sp. (Camallanidae, Camallaninae, Zeylanema Yeh, 1960) from Ophiocephalus striatus (Bloch)

Mota Lopez, A.; Caturla Such, J.; Garcia Carlos, E.; Pedauye Gonzalez, J.M.; Garcia Romeu Garcia, C., 1977:
On a case of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis with subjacent aspergilloma

Yalcinkaya, F., 1977:
On a case of nasomyiasis due to the larva of Oestrus ovis

Rane, P.D., 1977:
On a collection of Dermaptera from Shivpuri National Park, Shivpuri Dist., Madhya Pradesh

Schaefer, CW.; Vagvolgyi, J.; Ashlock, PD., 1980:
On a collection of Heteroptera (Hemiptera) from the Galapagos Islands

Datta, B.; Chakravarty, S.A., 1977:
On a collection of Pentatomidae (Insecta: Heteroptera) from Arunachal Pradesh, India

Kapoor, VC.; Malla, YK.; Ghosh, K., 1979:
On a collection of fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) from Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Gupta, V.B., 1975:
On a collection of grasses from Bari-Bareli range (Raisen district), M.P

Ghosh, R.B.; Raju, D.C.S.; Banerjee, D.K., 1978:
On a collection of plants from Garo Hills of Assam

Gupta, Y.N.; Gupta, S.K., 1978:
On a collection of tetranychoid mites from Madhya Pradesh, India, with a description of a new Eotetranychus (Acari: Trombidiformes)

Naudet, M.; Sambuc, E.; Reymond, G., 1979:
On a fat crystallization procedure

Leone, R., 1977:
On a form of Aureobasidium pullulans (de Bary) Arnaud var. pullulans isolated from man

Tanosaki, S., 1977:
On a generation-advancement method in breeding wheat for cold climates. Alteration of the main characters and selection period

Mourikis, P.A.; Vassilaina Alexopoulou, P.; Argyriou, L.C., 1979:
On a massive outbreak of two species of noctuids in Greek vineyards

Zharov, A.A., 1980:
On a method for determining the actual fertility of females of blood-sucking mosquitoes as exemplified by Aedes vexans Meigen (Diptera, Culicidae)

Kalyankar, S.D.; Palladwar, V.D., 1977:
On a nematode parasite of garden lizard, Calotes versicolor: a new species of the genus Parapharyngodon (Oxyuridae) Chatterji, 1933, from India

Karyakarte, P.P.; Yadav, B.B., 1976:
On a new and a known species of the genus Monascus Looss, 1907 (Trematoda: Monascidae) from marine fishes from the west coast of India

Sahay, S.N.; Sahay, U., 1977:
On a new caryophyllaeid cestode, Djombangia caballeroi sp.nov., from freshwater fish Heteropneustes fossilis in Chotanagpur with an amendation of the generic character

Shinde, G.B.; Ghare, D.N., 1977:
On a new cestode Davinea Blanchard, 1891 from a fowl, Gallus domesticus in India

Srivastava, A.K.; Capoor, V.N., 1975:
On a new cestode Dicranotaenia alcippina Tl. sp

Deshmukh, R.A., 1979:
On a new cestode Flapocephalus trygonis gen. et sp. nov. (Cestoda: Lecanicephalidae) from Trygon sephen from West Coast of India

Shinde, GB.; Jadhav, BV., 1978:
On a new cestode Mastacembellophyllaeus paithanensis from a freshwater fish in India

Shinde, G.B.; Chincholikar, L.N., 1976:
On a new cestode Uncibilocularis southwelli (Cestoda: Oncobothriidae) from a marine fish at Ratnagiri, India

Chincholikar, L.N.; Shinde, G.B., 1976:
On a new cestode Yogeshwaria nagabhushani (Cestoda: appendix to Lecanicephalidea, inseartae sedis) gen. et. sp. nov. from a marine fish at Ratnagiri, India

Deshmukh, R.A., 1979:
On a new cestode Yorkeria southwelli (Cestoda: Onchobothriidae) from a marine fish

Mandal, R.; Mukherjee, R.N., 1977:
On a new coccidium, Eimeria dhamini sp.nov. from Ptyas mucosus (Linn)

Rodriguez, A.A.; Pifano, C.F.; Gomez, C.P.; Ortiz, J.T.R.I.; Alvarez, A., 1976:
On a new focus of visceral leishmaniasis in the eastern coastal area of Distrito Federal, Venezuela

Pifano, C.F.; Rodriguez, A.A.; Romero, M.J.; Ortiz, I.; Alvarez, A., 1976:
On a new focus of visceral leishmaniasis in the region of Chuao, Aragua State, Venezuela. Bioecological and epidemiological characteristics

Singh, S.P.; Sinha, D.P., 1977:
On a new gasterostome trematode Bucephalus tetratentacularis n.sp. from an Indian fresh-water fish Sciaena coitor

Rao, R., 1979:
On a new genus and a new species Amphibiogoezia spinosoma n.g., n.sp. of the family Goeziidae Skrjabin et Karokhin, 1945 from frogs in Bangalore, India

Simha, S.S., 1977:
On a new genus and species of a blood-fluke Neocaballerotrema caballeroi, from a marine turtle in India

Qadri, S.S., 1970:
On a new parasite Henneguya ganapatiae, n.sp., from freshwater fish of Hyderabad

Fotedar, D.N.; Chishti, M.Z., 1973:
On a new species Anomotaenia kashmirensis: (Choanotaeniidae, Mathevossian, 1953) from Sturnus vulgaris in Kashmir

Krishna ; Gupta, S.P., 1975:
On a new species Dicotyle stromatia n.sp. from the gill filaments of a marine fish Stromateus cinereus from Puri, Orissa

Gupta, V.; Ahmad, J., 1974:
On a new species Skrjabinopsolus indica n.sp. from the intestine of a marine fish, Glyphidodon bengalensis (Gunther) from Chilka Lake, Orissa

Gupta, V.; Ahmad, J., 1974:
On a new species Trifoliovarium triacanthusi n.sp. from the intestine of a marine fish, Triacanthus strigilifer (Day) from Puri, Orissa

Rubzov, I.A. , 1979:
On a new species of Agamermis (Mermithidae) of a bug in Poland

Parihar, A.; Nama, HS., 1978:
On a new species of Brachylaime Dujardin, 1843 (Trematoda, Brachylaimidae) from Funambulus pennanti Wroughton

Chincholikar, L.N.; Shinde, G.B., 1977:
On a new species of Circumonchobothrium Shinde, 1968 (Cestoda Pseudophyllidea, Carus, 1863) from a fresh water fish in India

Botto, C., 1974:
On a new species of Filocapsularia Deslongchamps, 1824 (Nematoda-Ascarididea)

Nama, H.S., 1978:
On a new species of Paronia galli (Cestoda: Anoplocephalidae) from Gallus domesticus, in India

Shinde, G.B., 1978:
On a new species of Pithophorus Southwell, 1925 (Cestoda: Phyllobothriidae Braun, 1900), from a marine fish at Ratnagiri

Bhadauria, S.; Dandotia, M.R., 1977:
On a new species of genus Opisthorchis Blanchard (1895) from a fresh water fish of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh (India)

Agrawal, N., 1974:
On a new species of rare avian trematode (Stomylotrema srivastavi n.sp.) from Lucknow

Chishti, M.Z., 1973:
On a new species of the cestode genus Choanotaenia Railliet, 1896 from Acridotheres tristis in Kashmir

Dantotia, M.R.; Bhadauria, S., 1979:
On a new species of the genus Brahmputrotrema Dayal and Gupta, 1954 (Family: Lissorchiidae Poche, 1926) from a fresh water fish, Puntius sophore

Gupta, NK.; Aggarwal, S., 1978:
On a new species of the genus Monhysterides Baylis et Daubney, 1922 (Nematoda, Atractidae) from a tortoise, Lissemys punctata punctata

Kalyankar, S.D.; Palladwar, V.D., 1977:
On a new species of the genus Neyraia Joyeux and Timon-David, 1934 (Biuterinidae Meggitt, 1927) from Coraciiformes in India, and a key to the species of the genus Neyraia Joyeux et David, 1934

Wang, P.Y.; Sung, S.M.; Li, C.C., 1978:
On a new species of the genus Niphadoses superficially close to Catagela adjurella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae, Schoenobiinae)

Bhadauria, S.; Dandotia, M.R., 1979:
On a new species of the genus Opisthorchis Blanchard (1895) from the gall bladder of a siluroid fish, Wallago attu from Gwalior (M. P.) India

Deshmukh, R.A.; Shinde, G.B.; Jadav, B.V., 1977:
On a new species of the genus Platybothrium Linton 1899 (Cestoda: Onchobothriidae) from a marine fish at Veraval, West Coast of India

Rao, R., 1977:
On a new species of the genus Prosotocus Looss, 1899 from frogs in Pilani, Rajasthan India, with a key to the species

Hatsushika, R.; Shimizu, M.; Kawakami, S.; Sawada, I., 1978:
On a new species of the genus Pseudanoplocephala Baylis, 1927 (Cestoda: Anoplocephalidae) from the wild boar in Japan

Fotedar, D.N.; Chishti, M.Z., 1977:
On a new species of the genus Pseudoschistotaenia Fotedar and Chishti, 1976 from a bird Podiceps reficollis capensis in Kashmir

Shendge, S.R.; Deshmukh, P.G., 1977:
On a new species of the genus Zeylanema (Nematoda: Camallanidae) from the intestine of Ophiocephalus striatus (Bloch)

Gupta, V.; Ahmad, J., 1978:
On a new trematode Odontocotyle pritchardae sp.n. from a marine fish, Caranx kalla, from Puri, Orissa

Bahadur, K.N.; Naithani, H.B., 1978:
On a rare Himalayan bamboo

Geckeler, W.; Faversham, J.; Cohn, M., 1978:
On a regulatory gene controlling the expression of the murine lambda chain

Verma, B.P.; Sahay, U.; Sahay, S.N., 1977:
On a revised key to the species of the genera Camallanus and Neocamallanus parasitic in fishes

Szelegiewicz, H., 1979:
On a small collection of aphids (Homoptera, Aphidoidea) from Armenia

Fotedar, D.N.; Dhar, R.L., 1973:
On a species of nematode genus Spinitectus Fourment, 1883 from Oreinus richardsonii, a fresh water fish of Hammu, India

E.N.ffar, M.K.; Khalifa, R.; Abdel Rahman, A.M., 1978:
On a successful raising of an encysted metacercaria of Bufo regularis in the buff-backed heron (Ardeola ibis ibis)

Mujicic, H.; Knoth Born, R.C., 1978:
On a variant of the chlamydospore test medium

Gupta, N.K.; Sharma, Y.P., 1973:
On a xiphidiocercous cercaria C. derabassii n.sp, from snail Bithynia stenothyroides at Dera Bassi (Punjab)

Koponen, S., 1977:
On abundance relations of soil fauna in three subarctic habitats

Passarge, H., 1979:
On acid loving associations on the edge of woodlands

Droese, W.; Stolley, H.; Kersting, M., 1978:
On additional food before the age of four months for young infants on commercially prepared milk formulae

Hermansson, I.; Einarsson, S.; Larsson, K.; Backstrom, L., 1978:
On agalactia post partum in the sow. I. A clinical study

Hermansson, I.; Einarsson, S.; Ekman, L.; Larsson, K., 1978:
On agalactia post partum in the sow. II. A hematological and blood chemical study in affected and healthy sows

Talhouk, A.S., 1979:
On agricultural and social influences on the appearance and control of pests in Saudi Arabia

Kachnyi, G.G., 1978:
On allergy to propolis

Gupta, N.K.; Kumari, P., 1973:
On an already known trematode of the genus Paradistomoides Travassos, 1944 from Indian lizard in Chandigarh

Gallarate, G., 1979:
On an apparent anomaly in sugar beet growth in the spring of 1979

Marie Lanoe, J., 1978:
On an exceptional case of pulmonary Capillaria aerophila parasitosis in a four-year-old child

Tadros, G.; Iskander, A.R.; Wassef, N.A., 1979:
On an intestinal cestode and acanthocephalan from the Nile and Red Sea fishes with histopathologic study of their habitat

Anonymous, 1979:
On appropriate technology, 2

Paris, Q., 1979:
On biased technological progress: comment and extension

Kuroda, H., 1978:
On callus cultures derived from apple shoot tissues

Zullini, A., 1977:
On certain moss nematodes of central Mexico

Saxena, S.K.; Bauch, S.C., 1978:
On cestodes of passer domesticus II. Anonchotaenia and Mathevotaenia

Andrianova, N.S.; Makhmadzieev, A.R., 1980:
On chalcids (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) - parasites of the bark beetle Scolytus kirschi Skal. in the semi-desert forest belts

Rakhmikhudoev, G.; Aliev, K.A., 1978:
On changes in content of membrane-bound ribosomes in the process of chloroplast differentiation

Lebedev, S.I.; Nagornaya, R.V.; Savchenko, N.P., 1978:
On changes in grain quality of maize grown at different levels of mineral nutrition

Tkachuk, E.S., 1979:
On changes in water status of winter wheat under different growing conditions

Bahadir, M.; Nitz, S.; Parlar, H.; Korte, F., 1979:
On chemical problems of the mechanism of action of chlorothiobenzamides

Bardhan, P., 1979:
On class relations in Indian agriculture. A comment

Christiansen, S., 1979:
On classification of agricultural systems - an ecological approach

Maocang, T. (Maotsang, T); Zhibao, S. (Chihpao, S); Youyu, C. (Yuyu, C), 1979:
On climatic characteristics of the Xizang Plateau monsoon

Danilov, V.N., 1978:
On clinal variability of some morphological characters in the larvae of mosquitoes (Diptera, Culicidae)

Stieger, M.; Wuthrich, B.; Wyss, S.; Kopper, E., 1978:
On clinical symptoms and diagnosis of bee-venom allergy. A comparison between skin-tests and RAST-determinations

Schonherr, J.; Ketterer, R., 1979:
On combined applications of polyhedrosis virus and Bacillus thuringiensis for control of the nun moth, Lymantria monacha L. (Lepidoptera)

Fulton, W.C., 1979:
On comparing values of Vanderplank's r

Rahman, M.M.; Sebanek, J., 1978:
On correlative effects of roots and stems on the level of endogenous gibberellins in cotyledons of pea seedlings

Olesen, P.O., 1978:
On cyclophysis and topophysis

Rykova, R.P., 1977:
On de-polyploidization of induced autotetraploid flax

Sengupta, A., 1980:
On designing vent of a sluice working under varying hydraulic conditions for brackishwater fish farm

Ivanova, T.I.; Kovalenko, A.A., 1978:
On determining optimum fertilizer rates for potato cultivation

Kozakiewicz, J., 1979:
On development problems of cereal production

Aresund, L., 1975:
On dissolution and coagulation of colloidal material in some Swedish soils

Ishankulov, M.S.; Kurochkina, L.Y.; Makulbekova, G.B.; Nekrasova, T.F., 1979:
On dynamics of land formation processes within south-eastern shore of the Aral Sea (Bosai alignment)

Iglisch, I., 1980:
On ecology and on methods of mosquito control

Luc, M.; Taylor, DP.; Netscher, C., 1979:
On endotokia matricida and intra-uterine development and hatching in nematodes

Marchetti, C., 1979:
On energy and agriculture: from hunting-gathering to landless farming

Payens, T.A.J., 1978:
On enzymatic clotting processes. III. Flocculation rate constants of paracasein and fibrin

Payens, T.A.J.; Both, P., 1978:
On enzymatic clotting processes. IV. The specificity of the chymosin/ kappa -casein complex

Sanoyan, M.G., 1977:
On errors in determining evaporation from an agricultural field according to asynchronous observations

Fiala, K.L., 1980:
On estimating the primary sex ratio from incomplete data

Hall, H.; Free, W., 1979:
On evaluating crop response to lime in the Tennessee Valley region

Mazin, V.N., 1979:
On fauna and number of mammals of the drying up Aral Sea bed

Fotedar, D.N.; Dhar, R.L., 1977:
On five new species of the genus Pomphorhynchus Monticelli 1905 from fresh-water fishes of Jammu and Kashmir, India

Serafinov, S.S., 1977:
On flower abnormalities in almond (Amygdalis L.)

Gupta, V.; Jahan, A., 1977:
On four new trematodes of Echinostomatidae Poche, 1926 from birds

Freire, N.M. da S.; Bianchin, I., 1978:
On four species of Ascaridia (Dujardin, 1845) parasites of Psittacidae with a report of a new host for A. hermaphrodita (Froelich, 1789) (Nematoda: Ascariodoidea) in Brazil

Khodachek, E.A., 1979:
On fruiting of arctic plants (West Taimyr)

Toth, L.; Kokovay, K.; Bujtas, G.; Papay, V., 1980:
On further flavonoids in Kickxia spuria

Dupont, LM., 1979:
On gene flow between Tetranychus urticae Koch, 1836 and Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Boisduval) Boudreaux, 1956 (Acari: Tetranychidae): synonymy between the two species

Nelson, R.R., 1978:
On genes for disease resistance: some developing concepts

Borstel, R.C. von; Lesins, K., 1977:
On germ plasm conservation with special reference to the genus Medicago

Geraert, E., 1978:
On growth and form in nematodes: II. Oesophagus and body width in Dorylaimida

Inoue, T.; Sugi, Y., 1978:
On gut associated lymphoid tissues of piglets

Macko, JK., 1979:
On helminth propagation by transit of invasive elements through definitive and intermediate hosts

Nakagahra, M., 1978:
On hybrid sterility in wide crosses of rice, Oryza sativa L

Ilieva Staneva, B., 1978:
On hybridization of species of Phaseolus vulgaris L. (S) and Ph. multiflorus W

Bobr Tylingo, H., 1978:
On hymenial cystidia of Piptoporus betulinus

Tadros, G.; Iskander, A.R.; Wassef, N.A., 1980:
On immature worms of the genus Heterotyphlum Spaul, 1927 newly recorded in the intestine of Synodus indicus of Red Sea

Harwitz, M., 1978:
On improving the lot of the poorest: economic plans in Kenya

Gibson, A.H., 1977 :
On increasing biological nitrogen fixation

Umma, S.K.; Padmaja, P.; Koshy, M.M., 1979:
On increasing the efficiency of superphosphate in slightly acid submerged soils

Devyatkov, N.D.; Lysikov, V.N.; Maslobrod, S.N.; Makeeva, N.S.; Vainbrand, D.E.; Abdullaeva, V.I., 1977:
On induction of photoregulatory processes in plants with laser treatment

Kroll, J., 1978:
On infection of gladiolus (Gladiolus spp.) with plum pox virus

Cepelak, J., 1979:
On knowledge of the tachinids in the region of the town of Margecany (Dipt., Tachinidae)

Moriyama, M.; Endo, H.; Osawa, K.; Takahashi, H., 1978:
On larch fibreboard by dry process

Moiseeva, T.S., 1979:
On laying of eggs by entomophagous Hymenoptera (Hymenoptera; Ichneumonidae, Braconidae) in unnatural hosts

Pavlova, M.M.; Olifson, L.E., 1979:
On lipase activity in proso seeds

Ngugi, W.Mirii, 1979:
On literacy content

Gupta, I.J.; Shukla, J.P.N., 1977:
On little known moths (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) from Arunachal Pradesh, India

Burch, W.R.; Field, R.; Leonard, R.E.; Spencer, E.L.; Steenberg, V. van; Wade, J.W., 1979:
On long trail research

Milevoj, L., 1978:
On maize stem and cob diseases in Slovenia

Gardavsky, V.; Ryslavy, I., 1978:
On methods of tourism research

Luca, Y. de; Richard, N., 1978:
On microbial contamination of powdered foodstuffs of vegetable origin by stored-products pests (Calandra granaria L., Tribolium castaneum Herbst., Acanthoscelides obtectus Say)

Ivanov, C.P.; Krysteva, M.A.; Vassileva, V.Y., 1978:
On molecular forms of hyaluronidase present in bee venom

Koba, T.; Tsunewaki, K., 1979:
On mutations induced in monosomics of bread wheat

Gupta, N.K.; Kalia, D.C., 1978:
On nematodes of some live-stock animals in India. Part II

Kaunisto, S.; Norlamo, M., 1976:
On nitrogen mobilization in peat. I. Effect of liming and rotavation in different incubation temperatures

Gupta, N.K.; Kumari, A., 1973:
On one already known bucephalid trematode from Xenentoden cancila (a fresh-water fish) from Ropar (Punjab, India)

Brattsand, R., 1978:
On optimal test conditions for evaluating the anti-atherosclerotic properties of hypolipemic drugs in prophylactic experiments in fat-fed rabbits

Palm, E.; Tveitereid, M., 1977:
On patterned ground and free convection

Sopyev, O., 1979:
On peculiarities of nestling nourishment in some desert bird species

Batygin, N.F.; Pitirimova, M.A.; Potapova, S.M., 1977:
On periods of increased mutability in barley ontogenesis

Schnitzer, M.; Maximov, O.B.; Shvets, V.T.; Elkin, Y.N., 1978:
On permanganate oxidation of humic acids - a discussion. Reply

Acharya, H.S.; Varade, S.B., 1979:
On perturbations in wetting front

Rabotnov, T.A., 1978:
On plant invasions

Vecher, A.S.; Mas' ko, A.A.; Vasil' kevich, O.K.; Nenadovich, R.A.; Reshetnikov, V.N., 1977:
On plastid heterogeneity at the early stages of rye seed germination

Kumar, N.; Ruprah, N.S., 1979:
On population of Hyalomma (Hyalomma) anatolicum excavatum

Blyumental' , I.Kh, 1979:
On principles and methods of classification of angiophytic vegetation

Madsen, H., 1978:
On principles in the epidemiology of histomoniasis and histomonosis

Kovda, V.A.; Rozanov, B.G.; Onishinko, S.K., 1977:
On probability of droughts and secondary salinization of world soils

Koyama, M.; Hatcho, Y.; Honda, T., 1978:
On problems of working housewives and their dietary life. 3. The actual living state of housewives working at the factory of Monopoly Corporation

Borowska, J.; Cichon, R.; Kozlowska, H.; Rutkowski, A., 1978:
On rapeseed meals. 26. Some remarks on the biological value of rapeseed meal proteins after silage

Busvine, J.R., 1979:
On rearing human lice

Soloveichik, A.G., 1975:
On reducing soil compaction by the ground drives of mobile agricultural machines

Omoto, Y.; Seino, H., 1978:
On relationships between hailfall characteristics and crop damage

Mariani, B.M.; Manmana, P.N., 1980:
On relative efficiency of incomplete block designs applied to maize experiments

Radomski, C.; Madany, R., 1977:
On reliability of initial data for agrometeorological prognosis of yields

Smirnova, A.S.; Levi, M.I.; Niyazova, M.V.; Kapanadze, E.I.; Bromberg, A.I.; Zagroba, V.I.; Budylina, A.A.; Kuznetsova, R.M.; Lautsin, A.M.; Kurkina, I.A., 1979:
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On the influence of harvest date on apple fruit quality

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On the influence of selected material parameters on the performance of the cleaning mechanism of a combine harvester

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On the main way

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On the necessity of the prevention of congenital toxoplasmosis

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On the need and feasibility of identifying rice varieties giving high yields at lower levels of NPK

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On the need for a system of cloud-forest parks in Middle America and the Caribbean

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On the new sugar-cane variety NiN2

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On the occurrence of Assuania sp. (Chloropidae: Diptera) as a pest of banana

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On the occurrence of Entomophthora grylli, a fungal pathogen of grasshoppers in Australia

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On the occurrence of Scleroderma citrinum in India

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On the question of determining the technological characteristics of light-transmitting claddings of greenhouses

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On the question of mechanical preparation of softwood cuttings of clonal rootstocks

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On the question of reducing the risk of injury when coupling the tractor to a trailed machine

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On the question of restricting the smoke emission from tractor diesel engines with gas-turbine supercharging

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On the question of the economic effectiveness of various rates of NPK

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On the question of the translocation of Agrobacterium tumefaciens from primary tumours through the vascular system of grapevine

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On the regulation system for agriculture

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On the Resistance to Transpiration of the Sites of Evaporation within the Leaf

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On the right track for pot plant growing

Anonymous, 1979:
On the road to complete mechanisation

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On the role of nitrogen in semi-arid regions

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On the role of planning in the control of the development of co-operation in (Czechoslovak) agriculture

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On the role of the moulting inhibitor Dimilin in forest protection and forest ecosystems

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On the role of urban-to-rural remittances in rural development

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On the safety and efficiency of braking tractor/trailer combinations

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On the sensitivity of the micro- variant of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of plant viruses using PVC deepdrawing blisters as carriers

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On the sensitivity of yeasts to colistin sulphate and aminoglycoside antibiotics

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On the significance of patulin in foods. I. On the analytical detection of patulin

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On the significance of the trichophytin reactivity in atopic dermatitis

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On the size of the males of Tityus bahiensis (Perty, 1834)

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On the slaughter of 3300 colonies of bees through pesticide treatments on Egyptian clover in bloom

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On the social stratification of co-operative farm workers

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On the sociology of macromycetes. Communities of birch woods in the Sierra del Guadarrama (Melico-Betuletum celtibericae)

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On the somatic reversion of nucleocytoplasmic male sterility in Vicia faba L

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On the sorption behaviour of wood particleboards. 1. Effect of the type and amount of binder on the equilibrium moisture content

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On the spatial structure of the pattern of migratory flight of the red admiral (Vanessa atalanta L.) and the large white (Pieris brassicae L.) in the Adriatic

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On the species Trichospirura teixeirai (Nematoda: Rhabdochonidae) parasitizing Cuban reptiles

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On the species belonging of some echinostomes found in Bulgaria

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On the species composition of the genus Seuratia Skrjabin, 1916 (Nematoda: Streptocaridae)

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On the specific identity of two Italian populations of the potato cyst nematode

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On the specific physiological distinctness of Bodo urinarius Hassall, 1859 and Trichomonas vaginalis Donne, 1836 (Protozoa, Flagellata), with reference to their relationship with the accompanying bacterial flora

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On the sporadic persistance of amoebic hepatitis

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On the stand structure diagram

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On the standardization of West European specifications for creosote for impregnation of sleepers and poles

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On the state of production of Krill meal and fish meal from Antarctic stock

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On the stem anatomy of Clematis vitalba L

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On the structure and functions of haustoria of parasitic fungi

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On the structure of the capsular polysaccharide from Cryptococcus neoformans serotype C - II

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On the structure of the cuticle of the cotton leaf worm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisduval) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), during the larval-pupal metamorphosis

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On the structure of the vascular body in the domestic fowl

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On the study of mesostigmatid mites of the Armenian fauna

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On the sub-microscopic organization of the cells of the Nasonov gland

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On the subject of cheese legislation

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On the suitability of different methods for determining Staphylococcus aureus from milk samples and on the S. aureus contamination of farm milk according to the results obtained

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On the suitability of fungicides as an experimental tool for investigations on bark-beetles

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On the suitability of lucerne as a preceding crop for grain maize

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On the suitability of new varieties of pea for mechanized harvesting