Optimum content of crude protein and its quality in complete feeds for fattening young cattle

Brazda, M.; Dedek, J.

Sbornik Vedeckych Praci Vyzkumneho Ustavu Vyzivy Zvirat, Pohorelice 12: 17-30


Accession: 000711636

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In trials with 16 Czechoslovakian Red Pied bullocks, low quality of crude protein in complete feeds, estimated by the proportion of amides (amides of feed and urea nitrogen) in feeds, significantly increased the digestibility of crude protein and amides. Digestibilities of DM, crude fibre, N-free extract and crude fibre were also slightly greater. High quality crude protein, from cottonseed oilmeal and urea, with less than 35% of total crude protein as amides, significantly increased the digestibility of fat, increased average daily gains by 60 g and intakes of feed, digestible nitrogenous substances and starch units/kg gain. Crude protein at 12 to 14% in granulated mixtures and given to appetite gave daily gains of 1.20 to 1.40 kg. In bullocks up to 300 kg it is recommended that crude protein in diets should be about 14% and for bullocks heavier than 300 kg it should be about 12%. It is concluded that farm-produced and heat-dried protein feeds must supply about 9% of the nitrogenous substances; urea could safely supply the rest.