Section 1
Chapter 713

Origin and differentiation of tetraploid species in the section Polyeides of the genus Aegilops. V. Cytogenetical analysis of B1 plants obtained from (Ae. triuncialis X Ae. columnaris) F1 X Ae. triuncialis

Furuta, Y.

Japanese Journal of Genetics Idengaku Zasshi 52(6): 440


Accession: 000712064

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Chromosome pairing in the F1 of Ae. triuncialis (CuC) X Ae. columnaris (CuMc) was 0.04V + 0.13IV + 0.96III + 9.25II + 5.90I. Pollen fertility was 8% and no fertile seeds were obtained by selfing. The chromosome numbers of BC1 plants were 27(4%), 28(27%), 29(51%), 30(7%) and 31(5%). In plants with 28 chromosomes, the genome constitution of the female gamete varied from a virtual CuC type to up to 1.7 CuMc chromosomes.

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