Section 1
Chapter 716

Percutaneous application of levamisole in swine

Echevarria, L.I.

Gaceta Veterinaria 41(338): 102-104


Accession: 000715232

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During 1978, 2950 pigs were treated percutaneously with 15 mg/kg body-weight levamisole. A mixture was made of 10 g levamisole, 20 g dimethyl sulphoxide and 100 ml isopropyl alcohol and 1.5 ml/10kg was squirted on to the back of the animal. A large number of Ascaris were voided 48 h after treatment and no worms were found after one week. No pulmonary helminths (Metastrongylus sp.) were found at autopsy of the treated pigs.

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