Section 1
Chapter 717

Phenisopham - a new post-emergence herbicide for selective control of broadleaf weeds in cotton

Eshel, Y.; Ohali, I.; Gargi, G.; Yeger, D.; Arad, I.; Shchori, M.

Phytoparasitica 7(2): 153


ISSN/ISBN: 0334-2123
Accession: 000716548

The selectivity of phenisopham was tested in field trials during the last two years. Tolerance of cotton plants to rates up to 2.25 kg/ha was excellent from the two-leaf stage and onwards. However, at the cotyledonary stage cotton seedlings tolerated only 0.75 kg phenisopham, a rate which satisfactorily controlled broad-leaved weeds up to the two-leaf stage.

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