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Chapter 718

Physiological effects of free amino acids added to the diet of premature infants. (Studies on 15 premature infants.)

Carnevale, A.; Ruggiero, G.; Normale, M.; Fiore, L.; Verde, G.

Pediatria, Italy 85(2): 153-163


Accession: 000717816

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Milk alone or with a 6% solution of 18 amino acids, including all the essential acids, added was given to 15 premature infants, birthweight 900 to 2000 g, for 2 more or less equal periods of about 30 days during the first 3 months of life. In 10 infants daily weight gain with the amino acids was 21 to 40 g compared with 12 to 24 g with milk alone. In the other 5 infants, who developed different disorders or had gastric upsets, increase in daily weight gain with the amino acids was 4 to 9 g.

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