Preliminary studies on the conservation of whole sorghum and corn plant and sugar corn stover for silage

Setala, J.; Seppala, J.; Pulli, S.; Poutiainen, E.

Journal of the Scientific Agricultural Society of Finland 51(3): 222-228


Accession: 000723271

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Whole maize plants and maize stover were ensiled in stacks covered with plastics and soil and sorghum was ensiled in a tower silo. The fodder, 1400 to 3100 kg, was chopped finely and ensiled without preservatives. The nutritive value was determined by means of digestibility trials with sheep after 6-15 weeks; intense secondary fermentation occurred, the sugar content decreased and fermentation losses increased, especially in maize silage. Urea was added before the silage was given to sheep after 6 to 15 weeks but this decreased palatability. Digestible crude protein contents, inclusive of urea, were 62, 86 and 75 g/kg DM, respectively, and energy values were 0.72, 0.72 and 0.63 feed units/kg DM.