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Chapter 727

Production of hybrids between Euchlaena perennis Hitch. and Zea mays L. and their possible use in breeding

Mazoti, L.B.; Rimieri, P.

Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia, Universidad Nacional de la Plata 54(2): 579-586


Accession: 000726125

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F1 plants which were perennial and very vigorous had 5III + 5II + 5I at meiosis. In the F2, only one grain formed per 100 flowers; grain size was intermediate between that of the parents. A segregation of 75% annual : 25% biennial or perennial plants was observed and pollen fertility was below 50% in 89%, over 50% in 10% and 95% in 0.8%. Regrowth capacity in the hybrid was strong.