Section 1
Chapter 731

Rate of rumen digestion of the dry matter of leaf, petiole and stem of banana, sweet potato and cassava forages using the in vivo nylon bag techniques with cattle fed sugar cane or molasses based diets

Santana, A.; Hovell, F.D.D.

Tropical Animal Production 4(2): 192-193


Accession: 000730960

Half lives for DM disappearance of chopped and shredded stems, petioles and leaves of cassava, sweet potato and banana determined by rumen degradation in nylon bags in cattle were similar irrespective of whether cattle received sugar cane/urea or molasses/urea based diets. Sweet potato was the most rapidly degradable forage and degradation rates in sweet potato and cassava were in the order leaves >petioles >stems, with extremes of 5.4 h for sweet potato leaves and 50.8 h for cassava stems.

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