Section 1
Chapter 732

Recommended methods for the detection and measurement of resistance of agricultural pests to pesticides. Method for lepidopterous larval pests of stored products and tentative method for detecting resistance in adults of stored-product lepidopterous pests - FAO method no. 22


FAO Plant Protection Bulletin 27(2): 47-51


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-5637
Accession: 000731968

A method recommended by the FAO for the detection and measurement of the pesticide resistance of larvae of lepidopterous pests of stored products, and a tentative method for that of adults of such pests, are described. The former method, which is based substantially on methods used successfully in the USA and Australia, involves taking mortality counts of late-instar larvae 120 h after topical application. The latter method, which has been used in the UK as a rapid method for detecting resistance, involves taking knockdown counts of adults 6 h after exposure to films.

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