Section 1
Chapter 735

Relationships between microarthropods and microfungi in a forest soil. II. Some observations on Gamasid mites (non Uropodids) and Collembola

Cancela da Fonseca, J.P.; Kiffer, E.; Poinsot Balaguer, N.

Revue d' Ecologie et de Biologie du Sol 16(2): 181-194


Accession: 000734406

There was a positive correlation between the growth of populations of the Oribatid mite Oppia nova and the development of cellulolytic fungi, in particular Oidiodendron echinulatum and Rhinocladiella elatior. Other Oribatid mites and some Acaridiae, Uropoda and Collembola were also able to develop in association with these fungi.

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