Results of investigations on intermingled rearing of crossbred male and female fattening cattle in a unit of a large-scale cattle fattening establishment

Hennigs, J.; Schottler, W.; Weiher, O.

Tierzucht 33(2): 76-77


Accession: 000738657

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For 26 Charolais X German Black Pied (GBP) heifers fattened for 227 days from 144.8 kg body weight in isolation from males , daily gains averaged 963 g v 954 for 27 heifers with visual and sensory contact with males . Daily gains of 24 bulls fattened from 181.2 kg for 292 days in isolation from females averaged 1042 g v 1053 for 24 males having contact with females . The differences between males and females were significant, but those between animals fattened with or without contact with the opposite sex were not.