Results of some investigations on presoaking of grain sorghum seed. Note 1. Effect of different methods of soaking seeds, of nitrogen fertilizer application and of irrigation on yield of grain sorghum

Corleto, A.; A. As Saqui, M.

Rivista di Agronomia 11(3): 167-177


ISSN/ISBN: 0035-6034
Accession: 000738776

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In a field trial, grain sorghum seed was sown following soaking for 24 or 36 h and drying to the original wt., and was given 0 or 100 kg N/ha and irrigated only up to heading or during the whole vegetative growth period. Grain yields increased from 4.70 t/ha with untreated seed to 6.46 t with soaking for 24 h and 5.60 t with soaking for 36 h, increased from 4.57 t with irrigation until heading to 6.55 t with irrigation during the whole vegetative period and increased from 4.65 t without N to 6.53 t with 100 kg N/ha. In a 2nd trial, seeds were soaked for 8, 16 or 24 h at 20, 30 or 40 deg C before drying at 50 deg or ambient temp. and sowing. Av. yields were 6.73 t with soaking for 8 h, 6.68 t with soaking for 16 h, 7.23 t with soaking for 24 h, 6.76 t with soaking at 20 deg , 7.10 t with soaking at 30 deg , 6.78 t with soaking at 40 deg , 6.92 t with drying at ambient temp. and 6.85 t with drying at 50 deg.