Results of studies on methods of primary seed production of lucerne

Salmagambetova, K.S.

Tekhnologiya polucheniya vysokikh urozhaev sel' skokhozyaistvennykh kul' tur v severnom zone Kustanaiskoi oblasti: 69-73


Accession: 000738798

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The primary seeds of lucerne cv. Karabalyskaya-18 produced by (a) free cross pollination, mass selection + (a) and mass selection alone were compared with those produced without cross pollination and elite seeds. There was no significant difference between the different seed production methods in relation to fresh fodder and hay yields, leafiness, plant ht. and CP and cellulose contents in F1 and F2 generations. It was recommended that free cross pollination should be used for primary seed production of Karabalyskaya-18, characterized by complex populations.