Seasonal change in oleoresin yield under the influence of mineral fertilizers in Scots pine stands of the central Urals

Godovalov, G.A.; Korostelev, A.S.; Scharovskii, V.A.

Lesovedenie 4: 44-49


ISSN/ISBN: 0024-1148
Accession: 000742932

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NPK was applied at 100/100/100 and 200/200/200 kg/ha to plots of Scots pine trees which were tapped for resin, using sulphite/yeast waste liquid as a stimulant. Data are tabulated on the oleoresin yields for 4 yr after the application of the fertilizers. On average over the period the resin yield was 8.7-11.8% higher than on the unfertilized plots. In the first 2 yr the effectiveness of the treatment was governed by stand age and site conditions, but subsequently the resin yield increased with increasing dose of fertilizers.