Soil fertility and fertilizer management. Effect of planting date, plant density, and geometry on nitrogen response in rice. Rate and time of nitrogen fertilizer application


Annual report for 1977: 303


Accession: 000748331

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60 kg N/ha applied in 3 split dressings (basally, at tillering and at 5-7 days before panicle initiation) to rice cv. IR26 gave max. N efficiency and grain yields. Similar N utilization efficiency resulted when 60 kg N/ha was applied in 2 split dressings at tillering and at 5-7 days prior to panicle initiation. For cv. IR36, 60 or 120 kg N/ha applied basally and incorporated into the soil gave max. efficiency and yields (7.8 t grain/ha with 120 kg N/ha applied basally); grain yields were 6.4-7.0 t/ha for the other split application treatments.