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Chapter 754

Statistical and genetic studies on the improvement of Korean native cattle. 1. Influence of environment on the growth of Korean Black, Brahman and Santa Gertrudis cattle and their crosses

Cheong, S.K.

Korean Journal of Animal Sciences 19(4): 284-296


Accession: 000753278

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46 Korean Black (KB), 81 Brahman, 14 Santa Gertrudis (SG), 27 Brahman X KB, 49 Brahman X (Brahman X KB), 19 SG X KB, and 40 SG X (SG X KB) cattle were studied between birth and 36 mth of age to determine the influence of various factors on body weight, withers height, body length and chest girth. Year of birth had a significant effect on all traits between birth and 6 mth of age. Season of birth had no significant effect on any of the traits.

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