Statistical and genetic studies on the improvement of Korean native cattle. 2. Heterosis between native Korean, Brahman and Santa Gertrudis cattle

Cheong, S.K.

Korean Journal of Animal Sciences 20(6): 631-637


Accession: 000753279

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Body weight, withers height, body length and chest girth were measured at 3-mth intervals between birth and 36 mth of age in Korean Black (KB), Brahman and Santa Gertrudis (SG) cattle, and in 2- and 3-breed crosses between these breeds. In 2-breed crosses, additive effects for all 4 traits were >90%, and non-additive effects were <10% (specific combining ability). Similar results were obtained in 3-breed crosses, with non-additive effects being <5% and maternal effects <10% for all traits. [For Pt. 1 see ABA 47, 58].