Statistical and genetic studies on the improvement of Korean native cattle. 3. Growth curve of Korean native, Brahman, Santa Gertrudis and crossbred cattle

Cheong, S.K.

Korean Journal of Animal Sciences 20(6): 638-643


Accession: 000753280

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Data are tabulated on the body weights of Korean Black (KB), Brahman, Santa Gertrudis (SG), Brahman X KB, Brahman X (Brahman X KB), SG X KB, and SG X (SG X KB) cattle between birth and 3 mth of age. An orthogonal polynomial including a 3rd-order term accounted for 97% of the total variance in body weight, and the best results were obtained using a 3rd-order term weighted with the reciprocal of error variance and a log transformation of month of age. Prediction equations for body weight are listed for each breed and crossbred group.