Studies on heavy metal pollution in agricultural land. 5. Interaction between heavy metals in zinc, nickel, cobalt and copper absorption and translocation in rice plants

Saito, Y.; Takahashi, K.

Bulletin of the Shikoku Agricultural Experiment Station 33: 23-31


Accession: 000755940

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Rice was grown in nutrient sol. containing combinations of 2 heavy metals including Ni, Co, Cu and Zn at 0, 0.05, 0.5 or 5 p.p.m. Toxicity of Ni, Co and Cu was decreased by the presence of Zn. Toxicity was more severe at lower temp. In most cases the presence of one heavy metal slightly reduced or had no effect on uptake of another except that 5 p.p.m. Cu increased the content of other heavy metals. Cu promoted translocation of Ni and Co from roots to tops, and Ni or Co promoted translocation of Cu.