Studies on the feeding values of Coix lacryma L. 4. Effect of the level of nitrogen, phosphate and potash on the yield and chemical composition of Coix lacryma L

Kim, B.H.; Lee, B.O.; Ahn, B.H.

Korean Journal of Animal Sciences 20(1): 72-76


Accession: 000757338

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Ht. of C. lacryma [C. lacryma-jobi] at the 1st and 2nd cuts was significantly greater when 20 or 25 kg N/10 a was applied than when 15 kg/10 a was applied. Fresh wt. yields were 6191, 7316 and 7433 kg/10 a with 15, 20 and 25 kg N/10 a, resp. 10-30 kg P2O5 or K2O/10 a had no effect on ht. or yield. Herbage DM, CF, crude fat, ash and NFE contents were not affected by NPK fertilization but CP content increased progressively from 0.80% with no added NPK to 1.88% at the highest rates.