Section 1
Chapter 761

Supplementary feeding for dairy cows grazing on intensively managed tropical pastures at two stocking rates

Yazman, J.A.; McDowell, R.E.; Castero, H.; Roman Garcia, F.; Arroyo Aguilu, J.A.

Memoria, Asociacion Latinoamericana de Produccion Animal 13: 105


Accession: 000760922

Mature-equivalent milk yield averaged 3450, 5568, 4709 and 5462 kg, resp., for cows grazing at 2.5 cows/ha without concentrates (Group I), with 0.45 kg concentrates/kg milk (Group II) or with 0.45 kg concentrates/kg milk over 10 kg/day (Group III), or grazing at 5 cows/ha with 0.45 kg concentrates/kg milk (Group IV). Milk fat content was significantly lower for Group I than for the other groups.

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