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Chapter 762

Sweet potato forage as cattle feed: voluntary intake and digestibility of mixtures of sweet potato forage and sugar cane

Ffoulkes, D.; Hovell, F.D.D.B.; Preston, T.R.

Tropical Animal Production 3(2): 140-144


Accession: 000761939

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The 4 zebu bulls of about 200 kg bodyweight were used in a 4 X 4 Latin square trial with periods of 14 days. Diets were of whole sugar cane and sweet potato forage in the proportion 100, 67 or 33% of either on DM basis, that is, 100, 45 and 15% on fresh matter. The cane was of 65% stem, 35% tops in fresh matter. Zebus got minerals, and the diets were balanced for N by adding molasses and urea to cane, and for molasses by adding it to sweet potato forage. There was no significant difference among treatments in digestibility or intake, except that intake of DM was lower on cane alone than with sweet potato forage.

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