Section 1
Chapter 773

The effect of ultra high temperature processing on the proteins of whole milk

Morgan, J.N.; Mangino, M.E.

Journal of Dairy Science 62(Suppl 1): 229


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0302
Accession: 000772956

Milk was preheated to 65.6, 73.9 or 82.2 deg C and then processed by steam injection at 1 of 5 temp. between 137.8 and 154.4 deg C for 1.5, 3.4 or 9 s. Heat treatment resulted in a large decrease in centrifugal whey N while the ratio of sulphydryl groups to proteins in the casein fraction increased. At the highest levels of heat treatment, whey N and sulphydryl levels began to increase.

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