Section 1
Chapter 774

The effects of seeding rate, seeding date and location on grain yield, maturity, protein percentage and protein yield of some spring wheats in central Alberta

Briggs, K.G.; Aytenfisu, A.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 59(4): 1139-1145


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4220
Accession: 000773875

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5 Canada utility and 2 Canada western red spring wheat genotypes were tested at 3 central Alberta locations using 6 sowing rates (30-180 kg/ha) combined with 3 sowing dates. Main effects of dates (D), rates (R) and genotypes (G) were significant at 1 or more locations for grain yields, days to maturity, grain CP content and CP yield. Based on the av. response of the 7 genotypes, early sowing at 90 kg seed/ha gave opt. yield with a min. number of days to maturity.

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