The efficiency of herbicide mixtures and combinations in maize crops

Fisyunov, A.V.; Litvinov, A.S.

Khimiya v Sel' skom Khozyaistve 17(3): 43-48


Accession: 000774177

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Trials were carried out on a leached chernozemic sandy loam soil in 1974-75. Politriazin [simazine + atrazine + propazine 50%] at 3 kg or Politriazin 1.5 kg + prometryne 2 kg/ha, incorporated during seeded preparation, controlled annual grasses. Politriazin at 1.5 kg + linuron 2 kg/ha controlled broad-leaved annuals when applied after a complete NPK fertilizer. Combination treatments were also effective using Politriazin at 2 kg/ha applied after ploughing in autumn or before seedbed preparation in spring combined with Krotilin (2,4-D- gamma -chlorocrotyl ester) 0.3 kg/ha at the 3- to 5-leaf stage of the maize.